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140920 [FANACC] A Secret Meeting (cr: Lizzy)

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140920 [FANACC] A Secret Meeting (cr: Michelle)

I don’t even know where to begin. I’m just going to recollect some random memorable moments.

When I walked in, Jackson had cleared his tray of drinks, so he just said Hi, what’s up. I told him I liked his beanie.

So I got my Americano from the next member, who happened to be Jinyoung. <3

BamBam is out of control. Lissette needs to put him on a leash. First of all, he lifted his shirt to show his tummy during his intro.


Then, one of the fan questions was, what kind of event would you want to do with IGOT7?

BamBam first had a really nice answer. He said he wanted to eat with IGOT7. He would personally make us food.

Then, when Jackson said he had two things he wanted to do with IGOT7, BamBam was like, I have another one too! So BamBam said, I want to go to the beach with IGOT7. And he had to add, we will wear our swimsuits, and you will wear your swimsuits too. BamBam, seriously, what is going on in that head of yours?!? You admitted wanting to see your fans in swimsuits…

Mark said that he wants to go to an amusement park with IGOT7s. Mark really didn’t speak much. But that was to be expected.


At the beginning, the boys talked about what they’ve been doing recently. And they all pretty much said practice. Whoever said practice, the other members would make them show what they were practicing. So the boys sang.

The boys asked fans which concept they like, sexy, hip hop or cute. Jackson told the ones who picked cute to get out.


One of the fan questions was what the members wear to sleep. Jackson, of course, was like nothing since he has a nice body.

Yugyeom was so shy about his pajamas. He just uttered the word panties and started laughing.

The members did realize that they would wear different things in the winter to sleep. Apparently, Youngjae will wear scarf and padding.

Mark wears a hoodie to sleep in the winter.


They picked my question! I asked what Jinyoung’s first impression of JB was.

Jinyoung said he first met JB through the JYP auditions, when they got paired together. His first impression was a guy that doesn’t practice. Jinyoung kept telling JB to practice for their audition, but JB was like, naww. Until the last minute, JB practiced a bit and got 1st place.


One of the fan questions to Jackson was if he could speak French. He said he only knows how to do greetings.

One of the fan questions to Jinyoung was until when will he be Jr. He mentioned how one day JYP just looked at him and was like, you are Jr.

JB said that in 24 hours, BamBam would take 100 selcas and demonstrated how BamBam angles his camera and moves around. Jackson joined in on the selca imitation of BamBam and overexaggerated the camera angle. Putting it right above his head.

Yugyeom said he would want to go on an overnight trip with IGOT7s. Members teased him, asking if he would share the same room.


During the picture slideshow, there’s a pic of Mark reading a fanletter. You see the back of his head. Jackson said, who’s this jjapaghetti?

In a picture of Jackson and Jinyoung crouching on all fours, the members pointed out Jinyoung’s hot pink panties that got exposed.

The members also joked in the Jackson, Jinyoung picture, it’s like they are an engaged couple, bowing to the parents.

There was a picture of BamBam sleeping with his mouth open. Mark poured Red Bull into his mouth. And other members put snacks in.


One of the fan questions mentioned waiting for GOT7. JB started singing 2PM’s Tired of Waiting, and BamBam went, this is a GOT7 fan meeting.

A fan question for the members asked them to sing whatever song was on their mind at the moment. Jinyoung sang Taeyang’s You’re My.

Mark totally copped out and said the only song on his mind is their new one, so the members were like, you can’t sing that!


By the way, Jinyoung and Mark were so touchy. Arms around shoulders. Hands on legs.

The seating order from left to right was Youngjae, JB, Jinyoung, Mark, Jackson, BamBam, Yugyeom. A mecca for OTPs. Really.


Learned some random things about the GOT7 members through the telepathy game we played, where they chose one of two options.

Youngjae prefers oppa Jinyoung to the yeonhanam (younger guy) Jinyoung.

BamBam prefers regular milk to chocolate milk.

Mark prefers dogs to cats.

Both Yugyeom and Jinyoung prefer the GOT7 Im Jaebum to the Dream High 2 JB.

Jinyoung said that he would want to go on a sports date with IGOT7s. We would play basketball and so on.

The telepathy game we played was done by elimination until one fan remained as the winner.

The telepathy game got down to two fans. The question was whether JB preferred A, bibimnaengmyun or B, mulnaengmyun. Both girls picked B.

Meanwhile, Jackson had joined the audience and picked A, bibimnaengmyun. Which turned out to be the right answer. When Jackson “won” the telepathy game, he ran up to the front, and he and JB hugged it out.

But they did one more question that decided a real winner. Girl won a signed GOTCHA photobook, Polaroid and group hug.


At the end, a fan asked what they were going to do after the Secret Meeting. JB responded that he was going to watch videos. At the mention of watching videos at night in his room, all the members and fans were like oooohhh. You know why, right?

JB was like, please don’t misunderstand. I’m not talking about porn. And the other members were like, hey, we never mentioned porn. They made it seem like JB was the perverted one for bringing up porn. And then they asked fans if honestly porn came to their minds too.

But JB reassured everyone the videos he watches are just live performances of artists he likes. Not porn.


We sang Happy Birthday in English to Mark and Youngjae, led by Jackson.

Jinyoung asked Youngjae what he wanted since he became legal. Youngjae was like, what can I do now? Fans just yelled out, Drink (alcohol)!

BamBam was like, I’m so jealous. I want to be legal. Mmhmm BamBam mmhmm.

The members mentioned that once Yugyeom comes of age, they will all be legal. Yugyeom said when he does, he wants to drink, all 7 of them.


The order of the C time high-touch was Mark, Yugyeom, JB, Youngjae, Jinyoung, Jackson, BamBam.

I said Hi and Happy Belated Birthday to Mark, and he said that it’d been a long time since we saw each other. So I asked him how he’d been. I mentioned that I got him a gift from Vegas since he couldn’t go to Vegas for his 21st. And he laughed. Mark laughing was great because we were still holding hands, and he kinda sank down and kept laughing. Such a cutie! So then I felt kinda embarrassed and was like, I’m glad you got to spend your birthday with your family though. I mentioned wishing I could see my family too, so Mark told me he hopes I can see my family soon.

I could not understand what Yugyeom said to me, as he held out his hands, palms up on the table, to hold mine. But then Yugyeom asked me where I was from in Korean. And I told him that I missed him. I remember he tried speaking English.

I think at this point, I actually got physically moved on. The staff put her hands on me and almost picked me up to move me.

So I was really flustered when I got to JB because so sudden. Add on the fact that I’m naturally always flustered with JB anyways. Disaster. I said hello in Korean to JB while JB said hi in English. Then JB looked down. Kinda unexpected because usually he looks into your eyes. JB looked back up again as I started talking and saying how I can’t talk in front of him. He asked me why. I said because he’s so pretty.

When I said that he was pretty, I was being moved onto Youngjae. JB gave me another high-five, but he totally gave Youngjae a look. JB’s look at Youngjae was actually kinda irking. I don’t know how to describe it, and it made me feel embarrassed too.

Youngjae said hi in English, so I said hi back and then my brain gave up as I gave up on Korean. We said hi back and forth for a while. Youngjae was like, I said hi, you said hi and motioned for the convo to move on. So I asked him how he was. And we made small talk. The small talk with Youngjae was actually uneventful. I should have said something for impact, but I was worried he wouldn’t understand.

The high-touch with Jinyoung was the best. He speaks to you in such a caring and genuine tone. I wanted to die. First, as we high-fived, Jinyoung said that it’d been a long time and he asked me how I’d been. I asked the same. Then Jinyoung reached out again and touched the side of my arm, looked me in the eyes and said, We don’t have a lot of time today. He said it with such a tone of apology. I was just, floored. I love the way Jinyoung talks to fans.

Jackson had his arm ready on the table for arm wrestling. I took it, but he immediately beat me. I was like, nuh uh, so I rechallenged him. I was actually trying kinda hard that I didn’t even really look or talk to Jackson. I made a little bit of leeway, but he’s really strong. As Jackson and I were arm wrestling, BamBam looked over and was like, ooohhh, when I started making that small bit of leeway.

I feel like I have the same conversation with BamBam each time. Without fail, he always says, Ah your name is so hard! I can’t remember! And then BamBam will guess my name. He usually guesses Jessica. But yesterday, I got a new one. He called me Tiffany. Jessica… Tiffany… BamBam, I do not share a name with an SNSD member… I told him my name as we were holding hands, and BamBam apologized for forgetting again. I reassured him that it’s okay. BamBam changed our hand hold to pinky swears as he promised to remember my name next time. He said if he doesn’t, he will kiss me. I was like … uh … BamBam … (I don’t want your kiss you minor) but decided to play along and was like, okay I’ll remember that. Then BamBam was like, ah but I can’t because Lissette will get angry. And then as I had to leave, BamBam kinda came around the table to give me a hug. He’s such a sweetheart.

(cr: Michelle)

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[FANACC] 140920 A Secret Meeting (cr: MariieePrats)

We got inside the café 10mn late. We were in line to enter and to get to our seats. And then I stated because I saw Jackson…

And then I saw the rest of the boys. I was surprised. I didn’t know that we’ve see them as we enter.

Before I even reached close to them, I waved to Jackson! He was being playful and we tried to hide behind leaves of a plant. Lol. He grabbed a few leaves and played pee-a-boo. I thought it was cute. As I reached closer to the boys, Jackson goes, oh bonjour! When Jackson does that, it never fails to surprise me. He remembers me. ㅜㅜ So I answer back. He asked me how I was in French so I replied.

Jackson is really the cutest. I really love him and his little attentions. He had already set the mood for me.

Jackson was wearing all black. He had a beanie on with the tag still on the beanie. I thought it was interesting. He looked tired though. His eyeliner was a little smudged and you could tell that he didn’t get much sleep. But that was only how he looked. Throughout the entire fan meet he was full of energy, goofy, and extremely funny. The usual Jackson Wang that we know.

Mark was the one who gave out the drinks. I awkwardly said hi to him. A cutesy voice came out. We made awkward eye contact. And then he said hi back, he smiled and bit his lower lip. I took the drink, our fingers touched a bit, said thank you and reached my seat.

I nodded my hand and waved to the remaining boys at the end of the line who were JB and Youngjae.

I was #62 so 6 or 7 row, on the left. I could see well, thank goodness.


After they had welcomed everyone, they came to the stage that was set for them to greet us all again.

From left to right the order was Youngjae, Jr., JB, Mark, Jackson, Bambam, and Yugyeom.

Youngjae: mic check, one two, one two!

Youngjae: it’s been a while since we saw our fans. Should we greet properly them?

JB: 1..2..1..2..1..2..1..2..1..2..1,2,3,4! Ok! Come and get it! GOT7, hello we’re GOT7!

Yugyeom said, it’s been a while… We’ve been doing well, right? You’ve missed us a lot, right?

Yugyeom said that during the first fan meeting, he was also in charge of MCing with Youngjae and that it was awkward.

And that even though this time around, he feels that it is awkward, he said that he has more confidence compared to last time.

Jr. reminded us that it was Mark and Youngjae’s bdays not too long ago so everyone clapped and cheered.


The boys said they were a little nervous since they didn’t see us for a while. And they moved on to individual presentations. MCs went last.

Bambam: Hello. I’m GOT7’s cutest member..?  He reached out his mic to us and everyone said, Bambam! And he said w/ satisfaction, as expected! As expected, as to say that we were the best. Of course, we are lol.

Jackson introduced himself as GOT7’s idiot (babo). “Hello I’m GOT7’s idiot, Jackson.”

As always, it was a simple and a shy (?) introduction for Mark. “Hello I’m GOT7’s Mark.”  Mark’s introduction was simply but he received so much cheers from the audience.

And it was the same for the rest of the boys that is to say, JB, Jr., and Youngjae. Simply self intro.


Youngjae said, it’s been a while since we we’re able to be close to our fans like today. I’m sure that you’re curious abt what we were up. To, right? Fans, shouted, yes! Youngjae was like, really? So we shouted yes again. And he goes, it’s so weak! Are you really curious?!?! And we screamed our lungs out again. I thought it was fun.

Youngjae asked Jackson what he was up to after A promotions ended and J. replied by saying that he was just eating, sleeping.. And practicing hard.

Youngjae mentioned his entrance in the Roommate TV show and everyone congratulated him.

Jackson: GOT7 over Roommate. Of course.

JB asked Jackson if he preferred Roommate’s house or the dorms and he said the dorms.

YJ asked the same question to JB. What had he been up to since the end of the promotions. He replied by saying that it was the same as J.

JB: I’m at the dorms and I’m working hard to prepare for the next album. Fans cheered on him and showed enthusiasm… Which made J jealous!

Jackson was like, when I was talking I didn’t received these cheers… I have to do my ment again. So YG asked the question again, and J gave the exact same answer but this time, we all clapped and cheered. Haha. Oh boy, Jackson. Jackson got so excited after this. He was like, waaaaaah! Yeaaaaaah!

It was time for BB to answer and this was a really funny episode. YJ: what about you BB? What have you been doing lately?

BB: when I don’t have skinship, I’m at the dorms… Other members: What? When you don’t have SKINSHIP, you’re at the dorms?

And then Jackson started rubbing Bambam’s torso. Hahahaha. That was.. lol.

So after that BB corrected himself and said that he was staying at the dorms when he didn’t have schedules. And I think that he felt a little lonely at him by himself. That part I’m not quite sure about the exactitude of it but fans went all, awww

Mark: after the promotions we had our JYP Nation concerts. You guys went, right?

The response from the audience was weak, so JB asked, be frank. Raise your hand if you didn’t go to JYP Nation concerts.

YG said he was practicing hard. He was talking and stopped suddenly in.the midst of his speech and busted out laughing. He had lost his train of though. So the hyungs were like WTH. Lol. Jackson was like, I’ll give you 3 sec (to rethink abt what you want to say).

YG resumed his speech and said he missed us because we couldn’t see each other at recordings. And although we can’t see each other, he asked not to forget them, GOT7.

Jr. asked us what kind of concept we wanted for the next comeback. Cute, hip hop, or sexy. A lot of fans raised their hand for sexy.

I raised my hand with my cup for hip hop lol. Like for a toast or something. What was I thinking? But yeah, it’s hip hop for me.

Oh but before that question, Jr. was also asked how he was doing. He said to YJ that he thought he was gonna ignore him and not have him answer the question. Lol. He said that after promotions they were able to rest for a bit.

The majority of fans chose sexy concept and Jackson turned to the camera (cause yeah there were cameras) and said, JYP ARE YOU WATCHING?


After this we moved on to Q&A time. Before the event started fans could write on post it’s, questions to the members if they had any. The post it’s were then put on a board and the boys could chose any.

JB was asked to do the cutest aegyo in the world. He sang the gyomi song with everyone. JB is good at aegyo haha. After this very embarrassing moment for him, JB went to the board and chose his post it. This one was funny.

It was a question from a Japanese fan whose birthday is today so she asked Mark to wish her a happy birthday while doing aegyo. BUT! She wrote in hangeul and mispeld Mark’s name. She wrote 미크 instead of 마크, which made everyone laugh and JB was teasing him about it.

JB: This isn’t for Mark, but Mik oppa. ^^ so cute. When he was choosing the post it, he had his back turned to us and was singing voice warming up melodies. JB looks good from the back. He was amazing broaded shoulders. I was like, o.O

Anyways. Back to Mark. So Mark was like, this isn’t Mik. I ain’t no Mik. Haha. He took the post it, read it and asked who this was from. The fan raised her hand and got her wish granted. Mark wished her a happy birthday while doing aegyo to her. Amazing.

Next question: what is the moment when you felt the proudest so far?

YG said that his dad was quite against him becoming a singer but after entering JYP and debuting, he felt very proud in front of his people.

As for BB, he feels the most proud when fans call his name, so all the fans screamed his name. But the kid is greedy. He asked for louder. So we shouted his name again for him. The rest of the boys laughed.

Mark said that he felt the most proud when he bought dinner to his family. Everyone clapped to that and JB was like, wah.. what am I supposed to say after this? Haha.

JB feels the most proud when he’s doing music, when’s he’s performing for fans in front them.

As for Jr., he said that he felt the same as JB and that during JJ days, he realized that he was doing something he loved.

YJ - doing music, dancing together. Being with GOT7, being with fans.


Question: if you have a week off, what would you do? Jr.: I would go on a trip? YG: To where? Jr.: England.

And then Youngjae started to talk in English.”Hi… Hello?” And Jackson was speaking English with the British accent.

There was a question about satoori. This question was asked to the foreigners. The fan was curious to know their opinion on it.

But the question wasn’t answered well. And they moved on to another question which was, if you weren’t a singer, what do you think you’d do?

Mark said he’d just go to college in the US.

The funny part is, when all of a sudden, Jr. goes, do you think you can be accepted to college? So sassy. That comment killed me. I laughed so hard.


And then it was the end of the Q&A time. We moved on to another section during which they showed us on a screen pics that the boys took

And that were unreleased. Staff had asked them to send a few pics in to animate this event.


YG: You (Youngjae) became an adult now.

Jackson: What is the thing that you want to do the most? Be honest.

The members were teasing him about alcohol since he’s now legal to drink in Korea.

Youngjae said, I just… I’ll mime it with sound. So Youngjae did this sound that was like “dok dok dok”. What he wanted to do was a word composed of 3 syllables.

Jr. was like, what’s this? Jr. asked again. What is it that you are trying to say? And then he was like, you mean THIS sound? And that sound he did, was a champagne cork popping sound. So everyone laughed.

And then, Youngjae asked Bambam what he’ll do when he becomes legal. Bambam wants to drive and he wants to buy his hyungs a drink.

Everyone was very surprised so the boys were like, woooooow. And Jr. added that, the first time he said BB was when BB was 14. lol.

YG said he’d love to go for a drink with his hyungs, too.

Right after, Bambam did a weird gesture which I didn’t understand. He was doing as if he was rolling a bottle from one cheek to another. And then he did as if he was taking a shot of that bottle or whatever it was. Fans seemed confused so BB said, you guys don’t know this? We said no, and he was like, it’s SOJU. And he laughed! HOW DO YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO PLAY WITH ALCOHOL? It’s probably because he’s seen his hyungs do it already.


Picture time. The first pic that was shown to us was a selca of JB doing a V sign. Members were imitating him. Youngjae was teasing him.

Youngjae was still laughing and JB started grabbing the back of his neck, and then said, for your bday present, I’ll choke you. XD

Jr: What were you thinking when you took this picture? JB: It was at M! Program… (Mnet) Jr: isn’t around the area? Staff: yes, it is. JB: Really?! I always sleep (so I don’t know). XDDDD

As the pictures kept coming, they were commenting and focusing on the weirdest things of the pictures..

There was a picture of Jr. where he’s doing a funny version of Ulsan Bolt’s infamous pose. That picture was taken at Roppongi, a famous district of Tokyo, Japan.

Then, a picture of YG eating chicken, a selca of him with people in the back, a photo of Mark reading a letter…

A picture of BB sleeping with his mouth a little open.

Hmm. I can’t think of more. Jackson was like, why aren’t there more pics of me? And staff replied, you didn’t send us any. & he shut up lol.


Part 3: telepathy game for the event. We had 2 cards, one blue and one beige. We had to match our answers with the members.

Question: Charisma JB or person Lim Jaebom.

At the 2nd or 3rd question, Youngjae stops the game and goes, wait, wait, wait. Jackson hyung, please explain the rules again in English.

Jackson: “you can’t change it (your choice of card), alright? Fans: ooh! Jackson: you can’t change it. You can’t do this (flipping cards). Jackson: You have to be honest, alright? Ok? thank you! The boys were like, are you done explaining?

And Youngjae goes in Eng with pointing a fan, and told Jackson, IN ENGLISH, she don’t understand! And Jackson starts speaking Chinese. XD “不可以换!! Ok? Ok!!” And Youngjae goes again, SHE DON’T UNDERSTAND. xD Jackson: Should we translate everything? So everyone was ok.

Next question was fried chicken or 찜닭. YG was like, what’s the Eng for 찜닭?

And Jackson goes… Zzim.Dak. (찜닭) Which made everyone laugh. Aren’t you supposed to translate? And then he mixed Chi and Eng together. And he was, ok, yes, yes??? NO JACKSON. Hahaha.

And then they asked for Thai translation so Bambam spoke. Luckily I understand Thai since it’s similar to Lao. What he said in Thai was, if you want to eat KFC (to refer to the fried chicken) it’s blue. And if you want to eat chicken with noodles, it’s white.

Next question was 단호 (straight-forward) Mark (blue) or casual Mark (white). And Jackson comes in to translate.

Jackson: if you like ehhh… DAN-HO (단호) Mark, it’s blue. If you like Dimsum, then it’s white. And then he somewhat did Chinese. LOL. This fool. I love him so much.

Then next question. It was for Jackson. Popcorn or Nacho.

Jackson was not happy with that. “The others had fun questions. What about me?” "WHY POPCORN?" XDD. And Jackson was like, I don’t even know which one I like best between popcorn and nachos. XD WTF. Jackson talked to the fan who didn’t understand again. He asked her in English if she undestood. And he said, if you think I like popcorn, choose blue. And then Mark goes like, but she’s not competing anymore. So no explanation were needed anymore. Jackson felt like an idiot so he said to her, see you later! XD

Soondooboojjigae or budaejjigae. That was a boring question lol.

Winner of the game was front row. She went closer to the boys. Youngjae tried to ask for her impression and got closed to her but…She kept backing up from him and she couldn’t look at him in the eye. Any of the boys. I guess she was nervous. But she was showing that she didn’t want Youngjae to come any closer to her. She had her hands close to her chest to avoid having him come closer to her. I thought it was weird. She won a signed GOTCHA photobook and a polaroid with the boys.


After that, they started talking again and asked us how YG and YJ did as MCing today.

JB: blue for good, white for bad. A few fans had their white card up so he got all excited and say, oh yeah white card! I AGREE, too!

YG said that at the next secret meeting, they’d also work hard as MCing. He didn’t get to finish his sentence because the boys cut it by saying, what next secret meeting? You MCing? He eventually restart his sentence and said, we’ll also be MCing at the next secret meeting.


We had a little bit of time before the high touch event. Free talk. They were taking requests.

They all pretty much sang their parts in Forever Young. Jackson sang 3 words of his part in Forever Young and said, that’s it.

Youngjae did a weird dance. Like kkab dance.

YG freestyle danced to Jackson’s beatboxing. I was dying. He was pointing his crotch. It was so sexy. MAKNAE. WHY.

Bambam did his usual Thai rap.


The secret meeting had now come to an end… Last goodbyes before high touch event. :( JB said they’d be back soon w/ a new album. Like SOON.

The boys went back where they greeted us, behind the table. I was so nervous.

I congratulated JB and GOT7 on their debut in Japan. We locked hands. And I said, take care of your body. And come to France to play! I wanted to tell him that he needs to put his seatbelt on every time he is in a car but I forgot. I was too flustered by his beauty.

I wish Youngjae a happy birthday and high fived to me shouting, THANK YOU! I said that he did a great job at MCing today. I wanted to say more but I forgot on the spot and I had to move along.

Next was Jinyoung. He grabbed my hands, looked at me straight in the eye, smiled and said, thank you. With his sweetest voice. I was dead. I told him I flew in for this event and that I was missing school for it lol. I forgot to say more but.. Yeah. Too rushed. Too many feels.

Yugyeom!! Same as YG, I said good job at Mcing today. He said thank you for coming. And I told him he was hot. And he laughed.

Bambam was super quick. :( He recognized me by my necklace. Since I’m a buddhist too, he said you’re wearing a Thai Buddha necklace. I showed him my wrists that have a lot of bracelets as a symbol of our (?) religion. And I said that I missed him. He thanked me for coming.

And last but not least.. Mark. OMG. I had the longest time with Mark. I’m so happy. First thing I did was to wish him a happy belated bday. He said thank you, laughed and we locked hands. I told him I missed him a lot. I continued by saying that I was happy to see him again and that I had flown from China yesterday for the event. So that I could see GOT7. And then Mark goes… “Yeah, yeah, yeah, my dad told me!” My heart just skipped a beat. Mark knew that I was in China lol. So he asked, you’re in Beijing, right? I was so surprised. I continued with saying, take care of yourself. Good luck with everything. See you later… But before I left, I said… And I love you! Bye-eee! ↗︎ With a very high pitch voice and I gave him a high 5. He laughed and said, bye bye!

Shit! I forgot JACKSON!! LOL. But I forgot what I told Jackson. He just keeps talking to me in French. Like greeting me. Dude. You’ve done it already. Hahaha. I wish him good luck on Roommate and in Japan. And that he gets a lot of rest. And also… I think I told him that I missed him, too? Not too sure though. He said thank you for it all and thank you for coming out.

(cr: MariieePrats)

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